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How to Fish A PropBait

Propbaits are a great topwater lure to use because they are simple to use, yet very effective. This post will teach you the techniques and tricks to start topwater fishing. And once you start, your gonna be hooked.
For best performance use your Propbait with a heavy line ( I prefer 65 pound braid), This will prevent line from getting wrapped on the propeller. Also tie directly to lure, snaps and clips are not advised. Once a fish bites, WAIT 1-2 seconds. Setting the hook right away will lead to lots of disappointment. And if you do, live and learn. You will eventually catch a fish.
There are 2 main techniques used when Propbait fishing.
-A steady retrieve, slow for less active fish, and faster for more active.
-A stop and go retrieve, this consists of doing short jerks and Pauses. Whether using a pattern such as jerk pause, jerk-jerk pause.  Or a random retrieve, it will still catch fish.
Location is important when fishing topwater. An ideal location would be the edge of emergent weeds, docks, fallen timber, reeds and shallow weed flats or weed lines in the 2-15 ft. depth range. But they still will catch fish in open water. And because of their eye catching action they can draw fish up from deeper depths .